Are You Righteous?

Are You Righteous?

Righteous. This word has been married with “self” so often its true spiritual significance has become obscured, the true meaning clouded in much the same way as meek is spiritually misunderstood. Since placing our feet on the path; wholeheartedly committed to Living on the Spiritual Basis, to become a righteous person means we are not only living by right conduct but embracing right thinking. Right thinking, now there is a loaded term. Right thinking, spiritually, entails keeping an open mind, remaining teachable, refusing to accept negative thoughts or conditions as God’s will, to embrace and truly practice patience, tolerance, kindliness and love with everyone, in every area of our lives.

Being “righteous” requires us to view all as children of a loving Creator (however agreeable or disagreeable we may find them) saluting the Spark of the Divine within all without becoming servile or scraping. By walking this path, we avoid becoming “Self-righteous” and a holier than thou spiritual imperialist, the deadly trap of Spiritual Pride sidestepped. As such, our lives, the true demonstration of the path, will naturally attract inquiry from those seeking a better way of living but we must steer clear of argument and debate with those bent solely on confrontation, releasing them with love and compassion, while standing ready to witness to the truth we have come to embrace with tact and commonsense. The rule is: Never argue with a closed mind, let the light of your life be your testimony in faith, the only argument to which there truly is no reply.

To sum up: To be righteous means not only our conduct is right, but we maintain an open mind and heart, remaining teachable, while honestly sharing our heartfelt beliefs with tact, love and forbearance, whenever or wherever it will serve any good purpose. So being righteous is a highly desirous, glorious state of being, truly free of the concerns of self, serenity personified.   

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