Meek and Moses

Meek and Moses

To be meek spiritually means we have abandoned our old ways of thinking and living and have placed our feet solidly on the path of enlightenment, no price too high to be free, embracing Living on the Spiritual Basis with all our heart. Now, having grown up with classic movies when I think of Moses I see Charlton Heston standing with arms raised, staff in hand, robes flowing, hair and beard blowing in the wind exhorting the Red Sea to part or staring down Pharaoh (Yul Brynner at his best) exhorting him to “let my people go!” Not exactly the secular definition of meek. Yet the biblical Moses was the epitome of Meek, spiritually, he was willing to go to any lengths, face any challenge to be about the work of the Miraculous and be free. In this light, to be “as meek as Moses” is a goal to strive for, and though we may stumble for fear in its many guises and faces is an unremitting foe, a day at a time we stand in the light, demonstrating faith over fear, parting our “red sea” to freedom from the bondage of self.

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