The Targaryen’s shall inherit the Earth

The Targaryen’s shall inherit the Earth

Spiritually to be meek means to be so raised in consciousness that we are fully open to the Miraculous, demonstrating faith without reservation, convinced that His will for us is always joyous and positive, having ceased “outlining” how we think God should act in our lives. We have, in truth, completely placed our will and our lives in His hands, withholding nothing. Unfortunately, there really isn’t a word that accurately reflects this. Meek comes close, but I can’t help seeing a mouse in my mind’s eye as a representation of meek or Mr. Bean as the human analog. Perhaps we should change meek to Targaryen. Blessed are the Targaryen: for they shall inherit the earth. Or not, well, sleep on it. TARGARYEN’S OF THE WORLD UNITE! Sorry, couldn’t help myself.

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