Prayer for Casting Out Fear

A Prayer for Casting Out Fear

Casting out our fear is at the heart of Living on the Spiritual Basis. Having learned and embraced the truth that God is the only real power, and God is Love, the one true source; our Spirit, the Spark of the Divine within having always been, our true self immortal, the truth now evident that we are spiritual beings experiencing the human condition, not limited humans in search of the Divine. We have come to realize time and material possessions are illusions, often burdening us with fear, leading us in turn to desperation as we lose focus of the truth and drift into morbid reflection. When this happens, I have employed a version of this prayer for many years with good effect, perhaps it will assist you but remember, the wording is not nearly as important as the origin, our Heart of Hearts:

 I cast the Fears that weigh on my heart into My Father’s hands and See His Presence in every area of my life, bathing me in His Divine Love, removing the Fear constricting my Heart and I Am at peace. Amen.
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