Practicing the Yoga Of Love

The converse of Love is fear and fear is the mind killer, the destroyer of souls, the true death. Anger, spite, condemnation, resentment, ill will, all such things are just so many alternate expressions of fear, all constrictions upon the free flow of Life, is it any wonder the world is filled with hatred, sickness, and death? —that we grow old, and tired, and worn?—that the earth is desolated by wars, famine, and pestilence? Until we build up within our own soul a real and practical Love-consciousness, our other activities will be futile. When we truly embrace the Love-consciousness sufficiently, allowing for no exceptions, everything else will follow.

The Pathway of Love is open to everyone in all circumstances, and upon which we may step at any moment—at this moment if you like—requires no formal introduction, has no entrance examination. It calls for no expensive laboratory in which to work, because your own daily life and your ordinary daily surroundings and activities are your laboratory. 

The ONLY requirement to begin is to steadfastly expel from our mentality every thought of condemnation (to be clear: we must condemn wrong action, but never the actor), of resentment, and of everything which is contrary to the law of Love. We must not allow ourselves to hate—for any reason: any person, group, or nation for when we do, we are living in fear, not Love.

We must build up by faithful daily exercise a true Love-consciousness, upon which all the rest of our spiritual development will follow. Love will heal you. Love will comfort you. Love will guide you. Love will illumine you. Love will redeem us from fear, sickness, even death, and lead us into the promised land, the place that is altogether lovely. By choosing to follow the road less traveled, the path of Love, since all are truly connected in Spirit, not only do we raise our consciousness, but the whole world as well. So, our mantra needs to be: Let there be change, let there be Love, and let it begin with me.

This is the Yoga of Love.
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