Removing Our Discomfort

Removing Our Discomfort

All are equal in God’s eyes, what determines our peace of heart and mind is how we practice the within, without. When our actions run contrary to the truth we have come to know and embrace, to believe in the word but fail to live by the word leads to our suffering. When we fail to stand for what’s in our Heart, the truth as we have come to know it, we reap spiritual unease. Our fear of possibly offending someone or being perceived as some kind of “Holy Roller” is typically at the heart of it. But this discomfort is always self-inflicted, a reminder of Fear’s power in our lives, for in fact, truth is what sets us free. So, just for today, by His Love and guidance, choose to stand for the truth, serve it up with tact and joy, never attacking or belittling another and if we find they are not receptive, we leave them with a silent prayer of peace and a blessing, standing ready to be of service, if asked. And in those times when we have feet of clay, for it happens to all of us, His Love, guidance and unconditional forgiveness will set our feet back on the path, removing our discomfort, for we are all truly blessed, loved beyond measure.
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