The Biggest Fool

The Biggest Fool

To recognize failure intelligently is the first step toward building success.
We all fail, often. The question is do we profit from the experience or reflect morbidly on it?

We can have anything in life that we really want, but we must be prepared to take the responsibilities that go with it.
Why do so many desire success spiritually but fail to demonstrate? The Great Universal Mind, God, knows if we are prepared and cannot, will not ever bring anything into our life that will overwhelm or harm us. So our success is determined by our preparation.

The Universe is ready the moment we are.
Who would try to run a marathon without first training or fly a plane with no prior instruction, yet spiritually many, if not most, expect The Universe to deliver just because they asked, essentially asking to win the race while promising to train afterwards. Our responsibility then is to consistently train ourselves to see the Great Reality within all, recognizing all are connected in Spirit, no one beyond the pale, all deserving of the chance to grow in awareness regardless of the past or current circumstances, in this way we prepare ourselves for success.  

The biggest fool of all is the man who bothers about outer things and neglects his own consciousness. If we have no time for prayer and meditation, we will have lots of time for sickness and trouble.
Toward the end of the movie Tombstone, Doc Holliday is receiving last rites from a Catholic priest as Wyatt Earp walks in. Doc comments to Wyatt “I was just investigating the mysteries of the Church of Rome. It appears my hypocrisies know no bounds.” Hypocrisy had little to do with it. We all chose the course of our lives, many however putting off to tomorrow their “investigation.”  For Doc Holliday, at least in this movie, better late than never but since most of us cannot rely on cards and a quick gun hand for our source and security, ultimately failing Doc in the end as he faced the inevitable, we chose the sure bet to truly succeed: to Practice the Presence of God daily through prayer, meditation and selfless service.
Miracles Of Recovery

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