Becoming Responsible

Becoming Responsible

There have been times in our lives, especially when we were young, when we thought we were “ready”, possessing enough experience and knowledge to tackle the next step, often rushing headlong with little or no real thought or comprehension of consequences, only to find that a little, or a lot, more seasoning was needed. Typically, this discovery happened after we were up to our necks. No? How about that promotion you thought you were ready for, so many want to be the “Boss”, in charge, until the true nature of responsibility and accountability settles in with a thud. If you are like me, I look back and cringe at some of my “management” decisions from those early days of being a “boss.” Fortunately, I had wise mentors who guided through those early missteps. Or how about that home improvement project languishing that looked so easy on TV or YouTube? Plumbing, carpentry, tile setting, etc. I mean, how hard could it be, right? We soon found out. Not to mention, but I suppose I am, when we were young and so sure we were ready for the world, to be “responsible”, grown up. When our children pass through those years all we can do is suggest, somewhat wistfully, they slow down and enjoy the time, since once we truly become responsible that horse has left the barn and will never return. Unfortunately, they will probably listen as well as we did.

Spiritually though it is impossible to demonstrate beyond ones understanding. Many have tried and great has been the fall. Conversely as we grow in spiritual understanding new horizons and opportunities naturally unfold. Truly the keys to the kingdom are in our hands, the timing ours. Choosing to grow day by day in understanding, raising our consciousness a day at a time, we embrace the Truth of Being: that we are all timeless children of the Great Creative Lifeforce, connected to everyone and everything, awakening available to all, regardless of our present circumstances. All that is required is an open heart, an open mind and willingness.
So, just for today, pray gently and meditate on love; consistently seeking spiritual guidance from the voice of Creation within us all, remembering the Miraculous will never ask more of us than we are spiritually prepared to handle for God wants each of us, all of us, to be happy, joyous and free. Oh, and when your “responsible” teenager asks for the keys to the car try to avoid dwelling on the “responsible” things you did in your parent’s car as soon as you were out of sight.
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Silk sheets or city streets, Park Avenue or park bench, addiction is an equal opportunity destroyer of lives. My name is Vincent Lee Jones and I have been in recovery since September 1985. My professional career began when I was nearly 20 years in recovery and was asked to work pro bono with at risk students at Huntington Beach High School. At the time I had developed a reputation within the at large recovery community as an effective communicator and was known to some of the faculty. After the death of two students from prescription drugs I was asked to start working with at risk students, which I did for nearly 5 years. Word of mouth lead to offers of compensated freelance Facilitator and Director positions with numerous local treatment facilities in the ensuing years. As a retired Building Contractor/Designer, working in conjunction with a treatment facility, I created a construction program utilizing a workforce comprised almost exclusively of people new or returning to recovery, helping them to not only learn a trade and start making a living but since many of them had relapsed numerous times, to begin truly building a foundation with real aftercare to live free of active addiction. This program changed many lives. In my 30+ years in recovery I have worked with thousands of individuals from all walks of life, teenagers to the retired, famous to infamous, prosperous to those living hand to mouth, adamant atheists to those embracing strong Religious beliefs; suffering from all manner of intoxicant and behavior-based addictions as well as those who love and care about them, both as a member in recovery Fellowships and as a treatment professional. I can be contacted at 714-366-1725. I write and publish daily a recovery based nondenominational spiritually based blog at with accompanying videos that can be found as well on YouTube and LinkedIn at Vincent Lee Jones.

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