Losing Weight

Losing Weight

Do you know anyone who has “tried everything” but has failed to manifest much success? Some of the obvious “everythings” are: “I’ve tried to diet but nothing works for me”, “I exercise but nothing seems to happen” and the classic: “I just don’t have the time to: cook, exercise, study, etc.” In truth, every diet works if it is truly adhered too and we always find the time for the things we really want to do. Now, the previous examples may be troublesome, but they only set the stage for the truly destructive: “I have read spiritual books but how do I know if it will work for me” and “I’ve prayed but nothing happens, so either God is punishing me, doesn’t care or isn’t there.”

In truth: “Faith without works is dead” and the work must be consistent and positive. Picture a perpetual bricklayer toiling to build a wall who then takes a sledgehammer to it at the end of each day, then laments his poor wall and the lack of any real progress. By inviting the Miraculous in and then slamming the door in its face, dialing the number and hanging up as soon as the connection is made, is it any wonder so many fail to demonstrate? To grow in understanding and awareness we must surrender the yeah buts, the shoulda, coulda, wouldas, the contempt prior to investigation and all the other bulwarks of self-centered fear that justifies in our consciousness the use of those rhetorical sledgehammers which cripple our awakening in Spirit. Instead, pick up the bricklayer’s trowel and with consistent positive action build a relationship with God, a Power Greater Than Yourself as you understand it, through prayer, meditation and selfless service and when you find one of those sledge hammers in your hand, and you will, replace it immediately by reaffirming God’s love and light, forcing the Adversary to Serenity and growth, fear, out. Soon a wonderful spiritual structure will take shape to sustain you, those sledge hammers not forgotten but gathering dust, and oh, you might even lose a little weight.
Miracles Of Recovery

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