Lip Service

Lip Service

We have been busy living our life, so busy we have done little to demonstrate the beliefs we pay lip service too. Is it then really any surprise when we fail to demonstrate spiritually when faced with life’s inevitable difficulties and challenges? Once again, reaping and sowing in action. No real crop (daily prayer and meditation, selfless service) was ever earnestly planted and now winter (trouble) has arrived and the cupboard is bare and the Universe isn’t a fast food restaurant where if you have a credit card you can get your sustenance on the promise of future payment.

The promise of prayer and good works tomorrow is meaningless towards our demonstration today.Faith without works is dead.

So, we must start today to plant the crop we wish to harvest, stocking our cupboard for the inevitable winter days that come for all. To be clear: We cannot live off of yesterday’s demonstration, for in truth our cupboard is stocked with the reality of our relationship with and to God and our fellows: that by doing HIS work well TODAY (the only time we can stand in the presence of God, the only time God can be present for us, is in the present moment, the past written, the future the ink in the pen), all our future needs will be met.

Therefore, just for today Practice the Presence of God in every area of life. Salute the spark of the Divine in all you meet, liking or agreeing with them immaterial. Forgive. Meet the world with a smile so those who hunger for the Good News can be filled by your presence. Set aside a definite time for meditation. Pray throughout your day and keep them simple, from the heart, no need to filibuster, remembering prayers of thanks given hold great weight. Do something nice for someone (particularly strangers) and don’t get caught or tell anyone about it. By planting and nurturing this crop daily, we will never hunger, our cupboard always full, this daily demonstration of a Power Greater Than Ourselves at work in our lives allowing us to meet seeming calamity with serenity, setting us free from the fear driven life.   Miracles Of Recovery    © Vincent Lee Jones All Rights Reserved Miracles Of Recovery, Overdose Death, Alcoholism, Wayne Dyer, Drug Addiction, Zen, Emmet Fox, Opioids, Heroin, Einstein, AA, Healing Path Recovery, Drug Rehab, #Drug Addiction, #Drug Rehab, #Healing Path Recovery, #Heroin, #Opioids

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