Often in old westerns there is a scene where the tired, dusty thirsty cowboy comes to town riding up to the horse watering trough for a drink. Now there may be “old” water in the trough, but fresh water is supplied by a hand pump.  Our cowboy is thirsty but for the first few pumps nothing happens, it is only after priming the pump, acting seemingly without demonstrating any real result for a time, that the fresh water finally appears, and his thirst is quenched. What if he had stopped pumping after one or two strokes? He would have remained thirsty or settled for unclean water for he lost faith his actions would demonstrate the desired result.

Faith: n. 1) Belief without evidence. 2) Confidence, trust. 3) Belief in God.

Faith is believing without hard evidence, trusting in what cannot be measured or explained in secular terms. On the back of every American dollar bill it reads “IN GOD WE TRUST.” Writing it or saying it out loud does not make it so any more than watching a cooking show assuages our hunger, to be filled, action is required. Only by quietly walking in faith, often trembling, do we demonstrate our trust in the Miraculous. So work quietly but steadily; resisting struggle for struggle guarantees failure in our prayer life, we quietly demonstrate faith through our actions, for has it not been said that actions speak louder than words? By walking through life demonstrating belief, priming the pump, we are demonstrating true faith and in due course the water will flow, our spiritual thirst quenched.
Miracles of Recovery

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