No Sacred Cows

No Sacred Cows

Sacred cows, pretty much everyone has some, the obvious ones being sports teams, political parties and religion. Ever try to talk to a Yankee fan about the Red Sox, a liberal about conservatives or a Lutheran about Catholics? Of course, the reverse is true in all examples as well, little chance of concord or common ground being achieved in any case. A “die hard” fan or true believer is not interested in anything that runs contrary to their “belief.” A while back there was a story of two baseball fans who crossed paths in a bar. Their “conversation” ending in a knifing and death, two lives and their families forever changed over meaningless sacred cows. Is it any wonder many wars have started over little more? Millions if not billions of lives, since man began keeping score, have been sacrificed at the altar of one sacred cow or another.

Write this on your heart in bold letters: NO SACRED COWS. Clearly, there is nothing wrong with rooting for a team, holding political beliefs or belonging to a religion. The error comes when we let emotions over run our common sense and we begin objectifying those we disagree with, looking “down” on them, embracing the greatest sin of all: Righteous Pride. To be clear: common sense, when one is Living on the Spiritual Basis, is the knowledge what is sacred is our relationship one to another, that we are all valued, truly children of the Miraculous. So root for your team, participate in the political process as much or as little as suits you and by all means practice your religion but never lose sight of the truly sacred: the love of “Our Father” for all His children and our sacred duty to salute the Divine in all, even if we believe they root for the wrong team.
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