A Perfect Batting Average

A Perfect Batting Average

Mankind’s history is replete with dozens upon dozens of boom and bust cycles. Add to that the seemingly never-ending line of prophets of doom and gloom stating with absolute certainty “the end is nigh” and there is nothing we can do about it; woe be to us. These joyless individuals have been around since man first started keeping records. The one thing they all have in common is their perfect batting average: 0. Every single one has been wrong, the world has not ended, their dire predictions not withstanding and today’s doom and gloomers are as wrong as those who stood at the center of Rome prophesying the end of days 2000 years ago.

But for fun let’s say one comes along and gets it right, now what? Let’s be clear, no matter how much we exercise, eat right or take care of ourselves, this fleshy conveyance carrying around our eternal consciousness is going to stop functioning at some point. So, the most essential question at the heart of everything is: are we this body or something more? I believe the evidence is overwhelming we are much greater than this limited flesh, so physical death as far as our True Self or Spirit is concerned really is meaningless. For in truth, we are timeless Spiritual beings experiencing the human condition as part of our enlightenment and growth, not human-beings searching for the miraculous. Our Spirit eternal, death a mere change in perception, the journey of awakening continuing, in another form, an undying journey unlimited in any manner. So, when the next “expert” delivers solemnly the latest prophecy of doom, we can smile and be of good cheer because we know the truth.

Miracles of Recovery     

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