Bound In Self

Bound In Self

Perhaps you know someone who never misses an opportunity to retell the story of some past injustice, real or imagined perpetrated against them, Morbid Reflection on full display. If they are close to us (family), we have heard the tale so many times we know it by heart. These tales attempt to justify (at least to the teller) why they haven’t or can’t and never put behind them some incident in their lives, usually finishing the tale with a note of satisfaction in their voice. The truth is however when we hold on to past injustices and hurts, for any reason, we shut ourselves off from the sunlight of the Spirit. If we are to be free, we must set free all who have harmed us, leaving their final disposition to their demonstration before God, getting us out of the resentment business. To be clear: there are those who have committed grievous acts beyond the pale and they will reap as they have sown, but harboring hurt and hate in our heart stunts our growth and limits our demonstrations and forgiving does not mean forgetting. Living on the Spiritual Basis requires us to forgive but it is does not mean we ever have to place ourselves in a position to be harmed by them again.

So, we forgive all who have harmed us, setting them and ourselves free. If for some reason they do appear in our life or they are someone whom because of family or some other reason we will have to face, we ask in prayer to be shown the way of patience, kindness, tolerance and love toward them and to be kept safe and free of new resentments when in their presence. By saluting the Presence of God within them and releasing them you will be amazed by the results. Any and all hate, condemnation and resentment binds us in self, so, to state a Great Teaching once again: simple but not easy, a price has to be paid and that price is the surrendering of self.

Miracles Of Recovery

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