Our Sell By Date

Our Sell By Date

No amount of money, resources, exercise or just plain old “good living” will alter the reality we all have a sell by date. The truth is simply this: Being human is a terminal condition which raises an eternal question, are we this body or something more? Living on the Spiritual Basis the answer is clear: We are Spiritual beings experiencing the human condition, not Human beings in search of the spiritual for the spark of consciousness unique to us is timeless, was never born and will never die; has always been and will always be.

We raise our consciousness through prayer, meditation and selfless service, in so doing we effect permanent change beyond the vagaries of the flesh, secular living and thinking. So our job, the only real task in this life, is too practice the Presence of God every day in every area, with everyone, to fully forgive all who have trespassed against us, holding fast to the truth we are not mere flesh but children of The Miraculous in every sense, our raised consciousness transcending the strictures of time, the only true measurement of our time here being: how much love did we give away, unconditionally.

Miracles Of Recovery 

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