Quarantining Morbid Reflection

Quarantining Morbid Reflection

You have probably heard the admonition “we reap as we sow” often, but what does reaping and sowing in our consciousness really mean? Simply: The things we dwell upon, think about, will be out pictured in our lives. We reap the harvest of self-centered fear, self-imposed limitation, lack and failure when we entertain thoughts of violence, “getting even”, resentment in all its guises or condemnation of anyone or anything for any reason “for who would so unwise as to drink from a cup of poison expecting it to harm another.” All these crops are the fodder of Morbid Reflection, and reflecting morbidly, as spiritual teachers throughout history have taught, is an impenetrable barrier to that which we truly desire: peace, freedom, true place, happiness, in a word, Serenity.

Fortunately, though not easy, the way out is simplicity itself. When we find ourselves drifting into morbid (negative) thinking we stop immediately and “quarantine” the trouble by refusing to consider it and invoke, through prayer, the Presence of God, substituting God for the trouble in our minds eye. By doing this consistently we break the habit of focusing on the trouble (sowing negativity) and replace it with the habit of recognizing God (sowing truth) where the trouble seems to be. By refocusing we reap peace of mind instead of fear, serenity over confusion. Remember, everything we consider becomes imbued with power in our life, for good or ill, so get out the mental caution tape and immediately tape off destructive thinking, quarantining it with prayer, placing it in God’s hands.
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