Halfhearted Half Measures

Halfhearted Half Measures

We have all “halfheartedly” went about things in our life. Now, in truth, when we embarked, we may have been full of commitment, eyes shiny with hoped for results, but then the fire waned and so did our pledge. No? Have any unfinished “projects” lying around the house, perhaps buried in the back of a closet or worse seemingly mocking you every time you walk by them? Exercise equipment serving as a clothes rack, perhaps hiding in the garage or a shelf full of dusty self-help/diet books? Perchance some diet food aging gracefully in the cupboard or freezer?

On the secular plane doing things half halfheartedly does carry a price and the results are evident all around us: poorly built homes have tenants, a meal prepared without interest eaten without joy or thanks given, work done with no real passion or commitment still draws a paycheck, at least for a while. Spiritually though, freedom from the bondage of self requires total commitment, halfhearted half measures resulting not only in our failure to demonstrate but instilling the false belief we tried but the universe didn’t deliver, believing we really are unworthy or God is just too busy with things more important than us, reflecting morbidly our constant companion.

Nonsense. NONSENSE. God is source, “Our Father” in every sense and our birthright is to be happy, joyous and free. We are His children, children of the Miraculous and all the gifts and blessings this relationship represents are ours for the asking but we must ask without reservation, standing firm in faith, consistent in our prayers, meditations and service for spiritually, halfhearted half measures truly only avail us lack and a sense of disconnect from that which is true and good: our place as part of the Great Creative Life Force.
Miracles Of Recovery

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