Complete Forgiveness

Complete Forgiveness

One of the keys of freedom in life is when we finally accept most of our troubles are rooted in selfish deceitfulness, born of the thinking we can show the world one face while hiding our true feelings and motives. This error compounded if we believe our thoughts are somehow separate from God, that the Miraculous does not know what we are thinking and feeling. Considering the truth about the Presence of God: that He is immanent, permanently pervading and sustaining all the universe; this type of thinking is weak at best and downright delusional at its worst. The natural outcome of this spurious belief is to shut us off from the sunlight of the spirit as surely as burying our head in the sand cuts us off from sunlight and air.

When this realization hit me years ago it sent me into a tail spin. All the secret thoughts I believed I had so neatly hidden from God, in truth had been always open to Him. As the significance of this rolled over me I found myself on my knees, asking God to remove from me my illusions there is anything about me He does not know or is separate from Him.

This marked the point in my life when “forgive us our trespasses” from the Lord’s Prayer became truly known to me, becoming a working part of my life. I began to accept His forgiveness that day and the process of understanding how important it is to truly and completely forgive others began in earnest and though this happened many years ago, the lesson is as fresh today as then.
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