Justified Retribution

Justified Retribution

There is a part of me, and I’m pretty sure you have it too, that keeps score, chiming in with its own sense of justice. When someone does something unthinking or illegal while driving the thought pops up “where is a cop when you need one” or something bad happens to someone we think deserves it and “serves them right” or “they deserved that” crosses our mind. In the same vein occasionally we think we know what’s best and actually wish something bad (serves’em right dontcha know) to befall someone are all examples of self-centered thinking, thinking which ultimately retards our spiritual growth. It does not matter whether or not the offender rightly deserves to be punished, we can never engage in negative prayer or wishful negative thinking, for to do so invites resentment and morbid reflection to take up residence in our heart.

Every day is a day when we must carry the vision of God’s will into all our activities, thy will, not mine be done.

It would be less than honest of me not to acknowledge that when I have been cut off or watched someone do something stupid behind the wheel only to see flashing lights appear, the voice in my mind (sometimes out loud) chimes in with “ALRIGHT”  and when bad things happen to bad people, forgiveness is not always my first thought. The wild justice of the carnal mind the Old Testament addresses is alive and well in most of us, certainly in me. So, just for today I will ask for God’s help to pray rightly, to pray the person driving selfishly arrives safely as well as all whose path they cross, to leave justice to God and ask to be shown the way of patience, tolerance, kindliness and love, staying out of the retribution business, remembering all are connected in Spirit, and there is a little bit of bad in the best of us and a little bit of good in the worst and it is no longer my job to measure it.
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