Spiritual Bank Accounts

Spiritual Bank Accounts

Lamentably many believe we can “save up” spiritual good which can then be drawn on later when we “mess up.” For the life of me I cannot find a branch of that spiritual bank in my neighborhood. When someone states this I ask what is required to open an account, the usual response is “God and prayer.” When I then point out this runs contrary to the Lord’s Prayer, where we pray for our “daily bread”, most freeze up in much the same way my computer does when I open too many windows. To be clear: Prayer has power, but we negate that power when we pray one way but fail to hold in our heart the essence of the prayer. To pray the Lord’s Prayer but believe that somewhere, somehow, we can save up spiritually to address future missteps strips all meaning from the prayer. If we hold to the belief we have some form of spiritual savings account, then “daily bread” is unnecessary so why ask for it?

The Old Testament first taught this truth when God provided manna for those following Moses out of Egypt. Those wandering in the wilderness were told heaven would provide for their daily needs but on no account were they to save or horde it, for what was dynamic today would turn inedible, even poisonous tomorrow. Having been honest, selfless, loving and forthright yesterday means little if today we are dishonest, selfish, hateful or devious. Living on yesterday’s demonstrations; even though they provide valuable experience, leads to futility and ultimate failure. So, every day is the day to demonstrate God’s presence, His Love, support and guidance, truly Our Daily Bread.  

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