Gloriously Happy

Gloriously Happy

 “God has a plan for every man, and he has one for you” and that plan is your Heart’s Desire.  What sets man apart from all the rest of God’s creatures is free will, we choose the path we walk. The Zebra, the Dolphin and the Eagle are born, live and die fully expressing their essential nature, never questioning their purpose or concerned with being anything other than what they are. Only man creates, strives to be more, know and experience more because of our unique relationship to the Miraculous, since God is in fact “Our Father” in every sense. Living in God’s will and not our own is the straight path to freedom from the bondage of self: no material possession, accolades, sensual pleasures or fame will ever provide the true freedom our soul seeks. It ONLY comes by embracing the reality of who and what we are: Spiritual Beings experiencing the human condition, not human beings in search of the Miraculous. This flesh a temporary conveyance of our true eternal Spiritual essence, for we are as young as God and as old as the stars. Our only real job, once we accept the truth of our Divine heritage, is to identify our Heart’s Desire, placing the full weight of our consciousness to this task in gentle prayer and meditation. Emmet Fox wrote: “If you only can find out that one thing that God intends you to do, and will do it, you will find that all doors will open to you, and you will be gloriously happy.” Miracles Of Recovery

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