Claiming Our Daily Bread in Truth

Claiming Our Daily Bread in Truth

“The longest 18 inches in the world lies between our head and our heart.”  So many speak of The Miraculous and spiritual principles with intellectual assent, many even believing speaking about the Presence of God is akin to practicing it. This is akin to believing looking at a meal, discussing it, dissecting it intellectually is the same as consuming it. Clearly no stomach has ever been filled looking at or talking about food, just as an intellectual understanding of God has never truly quieted a single troubled heart. “When the heart speaks the heart listens.” No one can eat a meal for another.  No one can practice the Presence of God in our life for us. God is not a concept, an aspect to be discussed politely with little or no feeling or personal commitment. To “Claim our daily bread” God cannot be simply intellectual in nature but must be expressed, outpictured daily in our lives. In this way we “claim” the bread of spiritual enlightenment and are filled, serenity manifest.

Miracles Of Recovery

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