The True Source of Our Daily Bread

The True Source of Our Daily Bread

When the term “bread” is used in the Bible it represents all that is required to live, not just food. Once we have set our feet on the path of enlightenment, embracing the Spiritual Basis for Living, the source of everything becomes clear. Materially there are many avenues providing our supply: employers, a business, investments, if times are tough perhaps the government for a time, but all are simply temporary channels. As we have learned, once we begin living on the Spiritual Basis, relying on infinite God rather than our finite self, when one channel dries up another opens, God alone our source, the fountainhead supplying all our needs, seen and unseen.
  If we mistakenly place our trust in supply in anything or anyone other than God, we are sure to be ultimately left wanting. Spiritually there are many fine teachers and guides, but they are all avenues to truth, roads leading to our ultimate freedom from the bondage of self. In all our lives these channels, secular and spiritual will alter and change, but the headwaters, the true source remains constant. The Great Carpenter taught in the Lord’s Prayer that God provides our “daily bread”, that our daily bread signifies the realization of the Presence of God-an actual sense that God exists not merely in a nominal way, but as the great reality for in ultimate truth God “Our Father” is the true source of all supply, utilizing uncounted avenues, in every area and aspect of our lives.

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