Earnestly Seek

Earnestly Seek

“Every thought is made up of two factors, knowledge and feeling.” What do you believe? We all believe in all sorts of things. Ford is better than Chevy, Yankees better than the Red Sox, my grandkids are cuter than yours are all examples of thoughts/opinions based heavily in feeling rather than knowledge, except the one about my grandkids of course. The shortest distance between two points is a straight line, Hawaii is an island, two plus two equals four are all examples of knowledge/facts with little feeling or passion attached. Heated discussions have and will take place concerning the “knowledge” of the former, yet probably never concerning the latter.

Clearly without passion nothing happens. Living on the Spiritual Basis is a passionate way of life, tempered with truth. Not someone else’s truth but your truth arrived at by scientific prayer and meditation. For we have learned to read with our eyes but study with our heart. We listen with our ears but hear with the Divine Presence within avoiding the temptation to mortgage our future on any one teacher or interpretation. The Great Carpenter taught we are all connected to the Father, not requiring any intermediaries to establish this bond since it is ours by right of birth, a teaching that turned the world on its head, forgotten by many. So read spiritual books and study teachers that strike a chord with you but keep your own counsel in the “secret” place of your heart. When questions arise seek out those who have touched you and consider their words in meditation and if you find their counsel rings true and is just, incorporate it in your life. The right answers will come if our own house is in order, but this requires us to remain willing and open to all spiritual experience, remember “the realm of Heaven is roomy, all inclusive, never exclusive or forbidding to those who earnestly seek.”
Miracles Of Recovery

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