Music to God’s Ears

Music to God’s Ears

What we think upon, grows. The thoughts we dwell on will be out pictured in our lives. Period. When we dwell on lack, perceived injustice (real or imagined), resentment or any of the other hundred forms of fear clamoring for our attention, we attach them to our consciousness as surely as a barnacle to a pier piling. Though no one would say they wish to suffer, to believe we can think negatively but expect to receive the opposite is a subtle form of spiritual insanity.

Now, it would be a poor principle indeed if it did not work in the reverse. When we dwell on the positive it will then be out pictured in our lives. Prayer is causative, so always pray in the affirmative, the positive. Never begin a prayer with “I need” or “I want” for this only reinforces the perceived lack. Consider instead: Divine life brings well-being to every part of my body when our health is less than optimal. God is the giver of every good gift, ready to supply my every need when desiring greater prosperity. These examples are borrowed from Emmet Fox, the wording not nearly as important as the set of our heart as we say them, but they have served me well for many years.

Remember to be gentle with yourself when in prayer, pray with a feather. In the future when finding yourself starting a prayer with I need or I want, and you will for we all do from time to time when fear is upon us, laugh and thank God that you know Him better. Laughter in the face of fear is music to God’s ears and the gentleness with which we treat ourselves in His name a demonstration in true faith. 
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