The Law Of Forgiveness Ascendant

The Law Of Forgiveness Ascendant

The true key of our freedom lies in forgiveness and we forgive not for the other person’s sake, but for your own. Can you think of a single spiritual teacher that has not made this point? Without forgiveness no real spiritual progress can ever be made. When we fail to embrace forgiveness we lock ourselves into a circular path which inevitably leads back to the same difficulties clothed in different garb, again and again. Living on the Spiritual Basis requires forgiving not only in word and deed, but in our heart, breaking the cycle, but how?
When we hold onto an old hurt, justifying the feeling for any reason, we chose to stand outside the sunlight of the Spirit, placing ourselves in the shadow of resentment and fear, morbid reflection ascendant. By embracing any justified anger our thinking becomes stale, stagnant and unhealthy; by throwing open our heart to forgiveness we are rejuvenated. The course here is clear; when negative thoughts appear in our consciousness, we immediately treat them with prayer asking to be shown how we can be of service to the person we are seeking to forgive. Becoming willing in Spirit sets us free. To be very clear, God will never place us in a position to be harmed if we are about His business, so forgive free of the fear of being spiritually harmed further. By taking the contrary action to what the World and our carnal mind would have us do, we raise our consciousness and stand in the sunlight of the Spirit, clean, rejuvenated and free, the Law of Forgiveness fulfilled.
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