Spiritual Education

Spiritual Education

Sometime back I attended a “concert” performed by second graders. To be kind, they were less than perfect in their performance but performed exactly as second graders would be expected to. Had they been High School students their instructor’s competence would need to be questioned and rightfully so. We would never expect a group of seven-year-old students to perform at the level of students more than twice their age.
The truth is we always demonstrate where we are. So, if new to the path of Spiritual Living never fret or attempt to demonstrate beyond your current understanding, for just as second graders grow into High School students, we mature Spiritually as well. Continue on, day by day, practicing the spiritual principles you understand and currently accept, trusting that your spiritual growth is assured as long as you remain diligent and willing to grow, for in so doing we begin to comprehend serenity and will know peace in purpose regardless of where we are in our long spiritual education.
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