Another Practical Demonstration

Another Practical Demonstration

Though many remain in denial of this truth, there are rules, or laws if you prefer, that govern our thinking, applying equally to everyone at all times. They are impersonal, always in force and cannot be appealed. The Law Of Subconscious Activity is one of these. Being impersonal “This law is true for both good and bad ideas. This law, when used negatively, brings sickness, trouble, and failure; and when used positively, brings healing, freedom, and success. We give the orders-the subconscious does the work.” Emmet Fox.

We cannot, do not control the thoughts entering our consciousness. We do control the path we follow after becoming aware of a discordant thought however. When a negative or fearful thought floats up from our subconscious our immediate response determines our future. We must train ourselves when confronted with these discordant thoughts to turn immediately to thoughts of God; His Love, His Power and His Guidance. In so doing the Law of Subconscious Activity works for us, not against.

Practical demonstrations always carry more weight than mere words, so begin by observing the faces of the people in your life. What do you see in the countenance of those who engage in gossip, hurtful or negative words and action? Compare them with those who are consistently kind, supportive and positive. The truth of this lesson is as plain as the look on your face.

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