Demonstrating Serenity in Action

Demonstrating Serenity in Action

Unlike physical exercise where working harder can produce greater results, the converse is true spiritually. The reason for this is simple: The Miraculous does the work, not our mental “muscle.” No amount of will power has ever added a single ounce of lasting spiritual weight to anyone. Having chosen to live on a new basis, the basis of trusting and relying on a power greater than ourselves, we don’t “work” on our problems or difficulties for we have turned our will and our lives completely over to the care of God. Having chosen to live on the Spiritual Basis we know today a Power Greater Than Ourselves is the doer, not us. 

What is required of us, just like physical exercise, is consistent action in purpose, so we pray when prayer is indicated, meditate regularly and serve those suffering in spirit from a place of joy, the joy found in helping another without expectation of acknowledgement or personal gain. Turning to Him who has all knowledge and power when filled with fear and doubt, our demonstration in faith to relax and take it easy, for all mental working should be relaxed, gentle, and unhurried for mental hard work defeats itself remembering: “We have ceased fighting everything and everyone, we have to” in so doing we become more efficient, effective, a light set upon a hill, an attraction to those in need of help and solace, a demonstration of Serenity in action.

Miracles Of Recovery

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