Running The World

Running The World

Difficult problems often feel as if they have a life of their own. Hard as we may try, we work through them but the next thing we know they are back in the forefront of our consciousness, dominating our thoughts. One of the most insidious ways this happens is through outlining. The world teaches us to think things through, weigh pros and cons, talk it out, but just as “the grouch and the brainstorm are the dubious luxury of normal men” so is outlining. It usually starts out innocently enough but in short order we begin outlining how a situation or trouble should work out, in essence telling the universe how to solve our problems, assuage our fears, on our terms of course. It doesn’t work, does it and it only succeeds in building up expectations and as a wise man said “the level of our serenity is directly proportional to our expectations.”

Living on the Spiritual Basis we place our expectations in God’s hands, the burden on His shoulders, so when you find yourself outlining stop as soon as you become aware and thank God for knowing Him better. Quiet the mind by repeating some simple set prayers like: “Be still and know that I am God”, “There is no power greater than God” or simply “God is with me” are some I employ.

When I ran the world I outlined constantly, for it needed my help. Living on the new basis I leave the running of the world, and my life, in God’s hands for He does a much better job of it than I ever did, for today I know in my heart of hearts that “God is with me.”

Miracles Of Recovery

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