Indignation and A Simple Course of Action

Indignation and A Simple Course of Action

Has someone ever said to you (or perhaps you have said to someone) “don’t think like that?” It is one of those silly things we say to one another without having really thought it through. In the same vein as “a watched pot never boils”, yes it does, every single time and without the origin understood for context it is just nonsense. As soon as we are told not to think about something the first thing we do is think about it. No? OK, don’t think about oranges…. How did you do? We are powerless over the thoughts which float through our minds eye; however we choose the action upon becoming aware of said thoughts. Oranges are not much of a problem, but there exists in all of us a voice of discord and negativity embedded in the subconscious that is constantly looking for a reason to be upset, outraged or indignant. The origin of the voice is secondary, the action we choose to take paramount. Having embarked on Living on the Spiritual Basis the action is to turn from the lower to the higher by way of prayer, meditation and service.

Our course of action is simple: when a negative thought is persistent engage in some distracting activity such as a phone call to a friend inquiring about them (do not speak of the negative thought), an engrossing book, exercise, meeting with likeminded people over coffee, etc. If possible, find a way to be of service. Nothing relieves us of the bondage of self, and all negative thinking binds us in self, as intensive work with others. The key is to substitute positive thinking and action for the negative thoughts. Simple but not easy, when we begin this way of living it will feel clunky and somewhat uncomfortable, remember the first few times you rode a bike? But as long as we are diligent, in time, it will become second nature.
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