Soaring Over Fear

Soaring Over Fear

“There is only one way to make spiritual progress…prayer” Emmet Fox. So, the question is not what to do but how to do it. “If your intuitive nature is well developed, you will seldom need to use formal statements at all. This is excellent-for who will trouble to climb a ladder when he is strong enough to leap over the wall?” Emmet Fox. Living on the Spiritual Basis a constant conscious contact with God is the result. However, few of us always feel the connection. Remember the camel’s nose and the tent? Our connection typically dims when we fail to see the camel’s nose (fear) slip under the tent flap (our consciousness) until it is too late and since a camel lacks reverse, once its head is in, it is coming in all the way.

So when we find ourselves staring fear in the eye, familiar structured prayers are a life saver. Kinda like that old friend who is always there when you need them. The Lord’s Prayer, the powerful “Be still and know that I am God”, the Serenity prayer are some of the old friends which quickly come to my mind. Another suggestion, that always works, is keep it simple. God already knows what is in our heart and exactly what we need before we need it, so simple heart filled prayers have great power. Remember, God is always present for it is His nature. When we lose sight of Him it is because we closed our eyes, prayer restores our sight and soon we are soaring again.

Miracles Of Recovery

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