Growing Into Divine Instruments

Growing Into Divine Instruments

What does it mean to be an instrument of God’s will? Since we start this life the same way, comprised of the same basic ingredients, we are all essentially the same “type” of instrument. So, for this illustration, think radio as the instrument. When I was a young man cars came equipped with AM radios, FM an option at additional cost and 8 track tape players the only aftermarket option for enhancing the musical experience. Since then technology has advanced through cassette players, CD’s, MP 3’s and now commercial free satellite radio with hundreds of channels for every taste; quite an evolution. 

Our Spiritual evolution is very similar. At birth we were simple receivers with limited range. As we grew our capacity, interests and range increased, our channels becoming more varied and powerful, some positive, some unfortunately negative. When fear controls the selection, we are subjected to a continuous diet of morbid reflection in its many guises, pulling us away from the light of freedom and into depression, selfish and self-centered thinking and actions. However just as with our radio we can change the channel, turning from the lower to the higher, embracing love and Divine guidance over fear-based thinking and living. 

So, if there is a negative tune playing in your minds’ eye turn the channel (like when Hey Mickey from Toni Basil comes on) to thoughts of hope and peace through directed prayer, meditation and selfless service becoming Divine instruments of love and guidance, not just hearing the tune, but becoming it. “Hey Mickey your so fine you blow my mind hey Mickey” god I hate that song. Forgive me for bringing it up.

Miracles Of Recovery
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