To Freely Give

To Freely Give

One of the ways we demonstrate spiritual fitness is by our willingness to give, freely, not only in riches but most importantly, of ourselves. Consider for a moment the disheveled individual holding a cardboard sign seeking money for “food.” Now, they may in fact not use the money for food as we would judge it, but does that make their need any less real? A dollar wrapped in a blessing, given with a smile and kindness, saluting the Divine within, provides more relief, opens more pathways of heart than can be experienced with human eyes.

All reap as they sow, by giving with joy, never out of grudging obligation or with strings attached for that defeats divine purpose, serenity and peace with intention are the harvest. So, ask in prayer to be shown how to best be of service, tithing the gift of your time and expertise to those who need your gift. We are greater and more valuable than our fear driven carnal mind often allows or accepts. Remember: you are a child of the Divine, directly connected in truth to all of creation.

So regardless of the size of our pocket book, a genuine smile accompanied with gentle eye contact wrapped in a kind word to those suffering, acknowledging them, is a tithe that multiplies itself in ever widening circles, helping to release them, and ourselves, from the bondage of self, a simple confirmation of the relationship we all have with the truly Miraculous. “Let there be peace, and let it begin with me.”

Miracles Of Recovery

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