Judge We Must, Condemn We Must Not

Judge We Must, Condemn We Must Not

The judging of others is a greatly misunderstood Spiritual principle. We not only should judge the behavior of others but Living on the Spiritual Basis makes it a requirement. The difficulty arises when we confuse righteous judgment with condemnation.

When we condemn it places us in a position to be harmed, for we have assumed a morally elevated position, an attitude of “better than” if you will, which of course is false. No one is above or below another in the sight of God. Though our paths may be very different, our challenges and lessons in life diverse, no one is beyond grace and forgiveness in Spirit which always manifests if we truly mean business, desiring change. This does not mean crimes and transgressions are forgotten or ignored, but we must be willing to go to any lengths for salvation, for the ultimate freedom from the bondage of self. So, we condemn the act, not the actor.

All reap as they have sown, and unfortunately some will never seek enlightenment, choosing fear over freedom. However we are mistaken if we condemn them or wish (or worse desire) harm to anyone. Hate does not cease with hate. Anger is never assuaged with more anger. Condemnation never builds character or leads to freedom.

So judge righteously and the whole world improves, condemn and we all suffer for we are all connected in Spirit, all children of the Divine Presence.
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