Your Awakening Manifest

Your Awakening Manifest

As we progress on the path of awakening we will naturally become more sensitive to the world and its suffering and as such, the adversary Fear and its children: depression, anxiety and morbid reflection have seemingly grown stronger, more insistent. This is natural for many things which escaped our notice before embarking on this path now touch us deeply since we are operating at increased levels of awareness so take heart for this is a clear indicator that you are on the right path. Nothing has fundamentally changed however for Fear and its offspring can only gain purchase if we fail to affirm Divine love and guidance in our life regularly. Look at it this way: you build a fire but if you fail to regularly add new fuel, it will soon sputter and die. We add “fuel” to our spiritual fire by means of consistent prayer, meditation and service. The very activities which raised your consciousness in the first place making you more receptive! So take heart, though the world and its mostly self-inflicted suffering touches you more deeply and profoundly, the surety of your role as an instrument of peace and enlightenment is evident because of this increased awareness, your awakening manifest.

So though troubled we stay the course, asking in prayer and meditation what we can do each day for the those who still suffer, remembering always we are instruments of Divine will, and just like a musical instrument nothing happens until the maestro takes it up and begins to play. So we strive to be the best instrument possible, our fire fed regularly and consistently and though we may be terribly flawed, perhaps still wracked with guilt and fear, when we place ourselves in the Master’s hands the notes are miraculous, our fire bright and inviting to all who seek comfort and healing, causing Heaven itself to rejoice and we are free.

Miracles Of Recovery

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