Buns Of Steel and Fool’s Gold

Buns Of Steel and Fool’s Gold

Rarely does a week pass without some new self-help book/video with all the answers for life and living start making the talk show rounds or the diet to end all diets splashes across the cover of one of those magazines by the grocery checkout counter. Then there is the miracle food or supplement which will cure your ill, whatever it is, popping up in your social media feed or that new revolutionary piece of exercise equipment that will provide the perfect body IN ONLY 20 MINUTES 3 TIMES A WEEK! being pitched by some impossibly fit and trim individual. Admit it, just like me, you have been tempted. But will drinking some berry juice really change my life or a three-day seminar addressing all of life’s questions the answer and who wouldn’t want a flat sexy tummy or buns of steel IN ONLY 20 MINUTES A DAY 3 TIMES A WEEK! Like a wise man once said: if it sounds too good to be true, it is.

Salesmen and marketing executives peddle fool’s gold to separate us from our money, that’s their job but unlike banking on that unrealistic shortcut to six-pack abs, Living on the Spiritual Basis provides a pearl beyond price for it is the shortest road to the peace and sense of true freedom each of us truly crave. “Simple but not easy, a price has to be paid.” That price is the surrender of self and our focus on selfish things. When we shift our focus to the Indwelling Creative Life Force, where true gold is found, we begin to experience the Truth of Being, finding our true place in the fabric of the Miraculous. Perhaps I am too cynical and ultimate awakening or BUNS OF STEEL! are just a mouse click or phone call away, operators standing by (have your credit card handy), but as the old prospector remarked to the greenhorn about fool’s gold: “When you think you have found gold you probably haven’t; but when you do find it, you will know it for certain.”

Miracles Of Recovery

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