Killing Our Serenity

Killing Our Serenity

We have all done it and regretted it afterwards. We are either drawn into a situation or feel the need to volunteer our opinion. It may be a simple dispute between neighbors, a child rearing issue, a family squabble or something at the work place. The worst possible case is a crisis of romance. What generally happens? One party uses our misplaced good intentions to bolster their position, putting us at odds with the other party for in their mind we have now taken a “side.” If it is in the relationship arena if they reconcile that “well intended” support often comes back to haunt us, our words of “comfort” often putting us on the outs with both parties!

Do not wear another man’s hat was salient advice given early in the last century by Emmet Fox. Simply, in order to avoid unintended consequences, we refrain from gossip (either a provider or consumer), those seemingly innocuous little character assassinations (as funny as they may be) or take sides when family, romance or the heart is involved. If we fail to do this, we don the “other man’s hat” and pay accordingly. Our course is simple but not easy, in silent prayer we invoke love for all involved, seeking only to be of service without being negative, being supportive but keeping our opinions close to the vest lest they come back to bite us. It will take time and practice for this to become habit, and none of us will do it perfectly, but it is the path that provides serenity and will help us avoid those hard looks and cold shoulders at work, over the holiday dinner table or the backyard fence.

Miracles Of Recovery

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