Can God Be Too Busy?

Can God Be Too Busy?

Sometime ago during a group conversation on spiritual principles a participant tossed out the comment “I don’t trouble God with the little things, he’s much too busy.” Now, this was said in all earnestness but clearly little understanding of what Living on the Spiritual Basis entails. There are no “small” things concerning God. Everything interests Him. Everything. Nothing in our lives is beneath His concern or healing. Tennyson wrote, “He is closer than hands and feet, closer than breath” which is most close indeed. Additionally, Emmet Fox stated “God is always present; always ready to heal, to comfort, to inspire.” No barriers or arbitrary lines in the sand exist dealing with God’s level of involvement or commitment in our lives. He is within and without, right here, right now, seeking expression in every area of our lives, from the maximal to the minimal, big deals and little deals, if we are willing to step out in faith and trust. Arguably the most powerful prayer in the Bible is “Be still, and know that I am God” the knowing within, available 24/7. So, we don’t concern ourselves with trying to sort out what is appropriate for God’s attention, instead we place everything in His hands, trusting in the infinite rather than the finite for solution and Divine resolution.
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