A Tried and True Recipe

A Tried and True Recipe

Recipes are typically associated with cooking. However virtually everything in life has a “recipe.” Plastics are very different in their compositions; concrete and mortar have many specific “recipes” for different applications. The paper used in envelopes is a different recipe than printer paper or fine stationary. No cook, builder or manufacturer would leave out an ingredient or add something destructive and expect the final product to embody the qualities or flavor they were striving for, yet this is exactly what many do spiritually. Remember reaping and sowing?

To restate the classic teaching: If we wish to be loved, first we must demonstrate love. If we desire respect, first we must be respectful. If we wish to be known as honorable, we must treat all with honor, regardless of station or how disagreeable we may find them. Living on the new basis, the Spiritual Basis, love and anger do not mix, sarcasm, mockery and disdain are not found in the same bowl with respect, and honor and gossip are never found together.

So, just for today, bless and say a prayer for that inconsiderate driver crossing your path, return a smile when greeted with a grimace. Refuse to engage in gossip, regardless of how juicy it may be. Give a dollar and a smile to someone needy, without comment, except perhaps God bless. In short, treat everyone in the same manner you would want to be treated in if the roles were reversed, saluting the Divine in all, regardless of station, economic status or whether you like or agree with them. Employ this recipe and you cannot fail to succeed spiritually.

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