Changing History

Changing History

Real intelligence requires the study of history. Why? Because everything happening today has happened before; and will happen again if nothing changes. Studying history enables us to see the pattern in today’s events in their proper perspective and provides the opportunity to choose a different path. The wheel of time is constantly turning; good times turn bad, bad times good. Wars start, wars end, trouble comes, and trouble goes. When we view our lives and the world through a spiritual lens our perspective and understanding of truth alters, for now we see that no situation, whether good or ill lasts forever. Living on the Spiritual Basis we now understand this flesh we travel in is finite, its time on the wheel clearly marked by creation and dissolution, but the spark of the Divine, the “I AM” which is the true self, does not merely travel on the wheel, but is immanent, an actual part of the wheel. When we employ our intelligence to practice the Presence of God in every facet of our lives not only do we improve, but all humanity. The wheel will only follow a different path when we finally and forever truly put into practice the words on the back of every American dollar bill: “In God We Trust” “so let it begin with me.”

An avalanche can begin with a single snowflake, a great blaze with a single spark, so never underestimate your place or importance in the Universe, for you are a child of the Miraculous, God’s love incarnate.

Miracles Of Recovery
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