The Secret: Living One Day At A Time

The Secret: Living One Day At A Time

Try to lose weight. Try to get in shape. Try to quit smoking. Trying to get organized. Trying to be on time. Trying isn’t it. We have all done it. We look in the mirror and decide that’s it, we are going to make some changes. Things go well for a time, then we start backsliding. We rationalize it with being too tired, we had a hard day or it’s Friday and we deserve a break, etc. Kinda like the alcoholic rewarding themselves with a drink because they had been sober for a week or two. This kind of thinking is crazy in light of what happens next for the alcoholic, yet to some lesser degree we have all done it. Most of us have or have had a piece of exercise equipment that was “the answer” which is either now gathering dust or has moved on via a garage sale or charitable donation. Yet when an ad announces some new wonder exercise device promising impossible results from just 20 minutes 3 times a week we still perk up.

To be clear: every diet works, working out and exercise will provide positive changes and giving up smoking or addictive behaviors are no brainers, so why do we fail? Into my early 30’s I was a smoker. I “quit” many times and started back up just as many. Why, because I was trying to quit. It was not until I stopped trying that I finally put them down many years ago, but I am not an ex-smoker; I am a smoker who just doesn’t smoke today. The concept of doing anything “for the rest of our life” is daunting, but we can do anything for twenty-four hours and when we rely on Divine Life for direction and strength we cannot fail, but we must ask.

When we “try” we are working from without to change the within, when we let go and let God the change comes from within. So, if the desire is to lose weight, get into shape, stop smoking or change any area of our life, we must stop trying and let go. To begin this new path of action we start by asking in prayer to receive the strength and willingness to follow it. We can slack off, eat a pizza or smoke tomorrow, but just for today we are going to Let Go And Let God. For in Truth: The only time we can be present for God, the only time He can be present in our lives, is in this moment, our lives a series of moments connected in purpose. By staying in the moment, keeping our head where our hands are, ours eyes on God we cannot fail, today.

Miracles Of Recovery

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