The Universe Moved

The Universe Moved

Do you pray expecting to receive or with trepidation? When we pray with doubt, believing secretly in our heart of hearts that God is too busy or we are insignificant or since our hands are not perfectly clean our prayers will not be answered, we are praying with two minds, wanting our prayer answered but not believing it will be. Is it then any surprise we fail to demonstrate?
No one among us is perfect, yet none of us are insignificant to God, remember, time is a human construct that has no bearing on God, and He is never too busy for His children. We live in a state of grace, His love unconditional, we place arbitrary conditions on His love and availability out of fear. Please do not misunderstand, fear is a powerful, relentless, pitiless foe. Consider: Media in all forms bombards us daily with stories of doom and gloom. Coming economic disaster, sickness and disease ever lurking, wars and rumors of war abound, terror attacks, global climactic failure imminent, the end is nigh unless we act, or we are doomed even if we do! Is it really any wonder fear-based thinking is so hard to displace?

Keep in mind we live in eternity NOW, this flesh, even the stars finite; our consciousness, our soul, eternal.  Passing conditions are just that, passing. It is vital we turn our consciousness, gently through prayer and meditation, away from the negative and to the love and guidance of the Miraculous. In so doing, not only does our life improve, but the whole world as well, volcanoes, recessions/depressions, war, comet/asteroid strikes, extinctions, terrorism, pandemics and global climatic changes all placed in their proper perspective.

So we take whatever secular actions are indicated, but then we place all our fears, great and small in His hands and pray expecting God to act, for nothing so moves the universe as a heartfelt prayer.
Miracles Of Recovery

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