God Doesn’t Play Favorites

God Doesn’t Play Favorites

Though a self-actualizing agnostic with an “attitude” into my 30’s, the truth was I had always been a seeker, more often than not looking in all the wrong places. One of the questions which had always troubled me was the idea that God would suspend the laws He created to assist one but not another, that some form of pecking order or spiritual hierarchy existed, this thinking borne out by the seeming perceived unfairness in life. How could this be?

God must be consistent. If not, we would live in a chaos, not a universe. Would any sane loving Father throw one child to the wolves so another may prosper? Of course not. Today I understand this truth: “God is a God of love and rules by principle.” Because of His nature He cannot break the Divine Laws governing all creation.
God does not, will not play favorites. God wants each of us to be happy, joyous and free, demonstrating His love through us, for us, but He never intercedes if it stunts or hampers our spiritual awakening, as painful as the circumstances and consequences may be. Remember, the only instrument sharp enough to cut away the excess of self, is pain.This flesh, our body is finite, but our Spirit eternal, the lessons of enlightenment taking innumerable forms.

Seeing the world with the new pair of glasses this truth provides it becomes abundantly clear that God can do anything, but only within Divine Law and Principle, no one favored above another, each of us growing based on our actions and willingness, reaping the results our actions have sown, the Law of Attraction demonstrated. We can only live our life; walk the steps of our eternal path of enlightenment and though we all travel together, are connected in Spirit, our paths are like our fingerprints, though constructed of exactly the same materials, each is unique in execution.

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