Blessings of Freedom

“Simple, but not easy; a price had to be paid. It meant destruction of self-centeredness.” Alcoholics Anonymous.

After having been on the spiritual path for a time, the truth became evident,the only person restricting me, shutting me off from the peace and happiness I so desperately craved, was me. Though it was a pivotal moment in my life, it was not a pleasant one. I had spent years carefully constructing the narrative of my life and could effortlessly spin the well-rehearsed stories of why my life was as it was; people, places and things responsible for all the negative outcomes, my victimhood clearly warranted.

Then, faced with a crisis of faith I could no longer postpone or evade, I had to face the truth, at the center of every problem, ever crisis, there I stood.Though a situation may not have been entirely of my own making, when looked at honestly, the choices and decisions I had made, based in self, placed me in a position to be harmed.

Though an unpleasant truth to face, it was the beginning of true freedom, for to be free requires effort, work on our part, the willingness to look at ourselves honestly. When we do, the truth blesses us, and we are free from the bondage of self, a day at a time.

Miracles Of Recovery

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