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Regardless of belief, if we are honest, we have felt the inspiration he is describing. That stirring, those thoughts and feelings that well up from seemingly nowhere, often catching us by surprise. Those AHA! moments when the solution to a problem “pops” into our mind, when we look at something or someone, perhaps for the hundredth, thousandth time, and we see through a different lens, a new truth apparent. The place we go when we just can’t take one more step, and then we do. A piece of music that makes us smile, dance or even brings tears. The compassion for strangers when they are hurt or hurting.Love. All these things, and infinitely more, testify to something greater than ourselves, a connection that cannot be quantified, measured or even really accurately described, though we have been trying too for thousands of years, but is there nonetheless.

We are all connected and receive in all manner of ways from something beyond our human understanding. We are spiritual beings, and when we can salute the connection we share, transcend the bickering, the need to be right, the one-upsmanship, whether we like or approve of someone being immaterial and see all as the Spiritual entities we truly are, the world changes. Remember, avalanches began with the movement of a single rock or the falling of a single snowflake that sets everything into motion, so join me today in asking “let there be peace, and let it begin with me.”  

Miracles Of Recovery 

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