One of my early spiritual teachers was often painfully direct, no sugar coatings.Once when I was complaining about some recent misfortune and stated, “It’s not fair” to which he quickly replied, “You want fair, go to Pomona(where the LA county fair is held) once a year.” Now, being the sensitive type,this hurt my delicate feelings. He didn’t much care, or at all, and followed up with “pain is the only instrument sharp enough to cut away the excess of self, so be grateful for the lesson.” Geez, what an insensitive lout, but he was right.

Life is not fair. Life is messy, we all make mistakes, regularly. Trouble starts when we take things personally, allowing ourselves to become emotionally attached to the error. So the reality is, money comes and goes, jobs come and go,relationships change or end, people will let us down and we will let people down as well, such is life. We are all in this together, our true job to learn and grow in awareness and understanding and so when(not if) our feelings are hurt, we make a mistake, are let down or offended, because we will be, we embrace the lesson as an opportunity to grow spiritually. Remembering that today is just one day in our long awakening, and nothing is worth losing our peace of mind and serenity in spirit over. Oh, and try not to smile too broadly when it’s your turn to respond when someone states “It’s not fair.”

Miracles Of Recovery

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