Miracles Of Recovery Blueprint

Miracles Of Recovery Blueprint

To address the increasing overdose death rate as well as the staggering relapse rate for individuals who have “completed” a professional program, I created Miracles Of Recovery. Having over 30 years’ experience down in the mud, the blood and the tears of addiction, both as someone in recovery and a treatment professional, the truth is:
There are many paths to freedom and successful recovery is as much an art as a science. The heartbreaking truth is we have the tools for success, it is the application where we are failing. This 13-page document details a new approach to recovery, building bridges across the spectrum of treatment, utilizing all the current tools and paths of recovery, creating sustainable new platforms for real world and cyber engagement with current recovery communities and treatment professionals as well as creating new sustainable communities for those currently struggling to connect. Creating real long-term affordable aftercare, as well as providing help and support for those who have loved ones in recovery or have tragically lost someone to addiction. While providing new and innovative income streams beyond Healthcare Providers and Government to make it all work. Please click on the link below.

Miracles Of Recovery Blueprint

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