The Truth About Fear

From Fear all forms of Spiritual disease and unease are birthed, and Fear is a bluffer. Look back on your life,think of all the things you were frightened of that turned out to be phantoms once walked through, and even if it was something difficult, it rarely was as bad as imagined. We are bombarded with fear daily. Most of the advertising we are subjected to is fear based. Hurry to this or that sale or you will be a loser and miss out on the buy of the year. If you have thinning hair, and want to be a real man, buy this product or have that procedure. Better buy gold or silver now, before it skyrockets in price and the economy collapses, the list is nearly endless. Add to this the daily drumbeat of negativity in news reports and it becomes abundantly clear that we live in a world where the one true Adversary, Fear, clearly holds sway.

And Fear is a liar. Do bad things happen? Of course. There will be: economic downturns, people we love and care about will die, wars and rumors of wars will abound, interpersonal conflicts (over, if we are honest, things usually quickly forgotten), floods, famines, droughts, and yes, balding all happen. Such is the world, but every day, billions of people do the right thing, help others,support the downtrodden, care for those sick and suffering and they are invisible, their stories rarely reported. People just like you.

Living On The Spiritual Basis we learn to look beyond the headlines, the ads and people who feed our fears.There are many unassailable truths, and this is one: no one gets out alive. Tobe free, we must hold in our heart the truth about death and not let our fear of it dominate us. This temporary fleshy conveyance will one day return from whence it came, we however will continue, for we are in truth Spiritual beings experiencing the human condition, not human beings searching for the Miraculous; for our True Self, the I Am, is part and parcel of the Great Eternal Creative Life Force at the heart of all creation, currently traveling in this flesh, but is not constrained or defined by it any more than we derive any real significance from the type of car we drive.

So take reasonable precautions in life for this is only rational, plan for rainy days for the rain comes for all but we must never lose sight of our true eternal nature for in so doing, we triumph over the fear driven life.

Miracles Of Recovery 

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