Growth Requires Taking Risks

Living on the Spiritual Basis is often about stepping out in faith and taking risks. Leaving the job or career where we are “comfortable” but uninspired or just plain bored. Asking someone out on a date, risking rejection. Agreeing to go on a date, risking rejection. Leaving a relationship that is “comfortable” when we know it is time to go in our heart of hearts. Giving the keys to the car for the first time to that newly minted teenage driver. There are many more, some, like trying a new restaurant or hair color, having decidedly less lasting impact than some of the above, but taking risks is part of life. Without taking risks,nothing changes, growth is stifled. Einstein went against the orthodoxy of the time and changed the world of physics forever. Edison and Bell failed more times than they succeeded, yet they are hailed as two of the greatest genius inventors of all time. They all shared one thing in common: they stepped out in faith,risked, believing there existed a new way or approach, a different way of looking at things, leading to material and intellectual progress, in fact,changing the world forever.

We must stay open to the winds of change in our lives. There is a voice in all of us, the voice of the Miraculous, that sings to us, encourages us, fuels our dreams and aspirations. Most unfortunately will opt for the safe, the comfortable, and fail to heed its call, choosing to watch the play rather than participate in it. So, just for today, take a risk, order something different from the menu or try a new restaurant, take the longer scenic route home, sing out loud in the car or dance around the house, unmindful of who may be watching. When we do these small things daily, we begin to demonstrate over fear, and once released from the bondage of fear our lives improve in ways undreamed of, our thinking expands with new insights and who knows, you just may change the world.

Miracles Of Recovery 

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